Transport services of yachts and motor boats

The Auto-Yacht company provides services related to the transport of: keel, ballast and sword boats, motor boats.

We provide a quote and any additional information in response to an inquiry that we expect by phone or email ( contact ).

Our experience in road transport dates back over a dozen years, thousands of kilometers traveled throughout Europe, hundreds of transported yachts and motor boats. I am actively sailing in my free time, sailing gives us knowledge about the needs of water sports enthusiasts who want to transport yachts and boats.

Specialized equipment for transporting yachts and motor boats

We have an IVECO DAILY car and specialist trailers designed for transporting yachts and boats with a mass of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Our trailers have been designed for transporting yachts and boats. They are maintained in exemplary condition, possess many additional elements allowing them to be adapted to different types of yachts and boats. All this affects safety during transport and is paramount to us.

Production of dock trailers and yacht winter stands

The company also deals with production of harbor trailers for yachts , as well as stands for wintering yachts . Examples of our production are available to view in gallery.

Insurance and entitlements

Our boat transport activity is covered by OCP insurance up to EUR 150,000 in domestic and foreign transport. I provide the policy on request for inspection ( click ).


The company has permissions:

– Certificate for transporting boats to a width of 3.00 meters

– Certificate No. 00885 / TR / 13 Professional Competence in Road Transport of Things

– License No. TU-036141 concerning the international Income way of carriage of goods by road.


I invite you to watch my gallery, which we will periodically fill with photos from new orders ( gallery ).